BRANDorphin is a studio for advertising
and design, operating interdisciplinary across
most boarders. Working on a project 
basis the studio is predestined to 
be commissioned by small or medium 
sized companies. However should 
e.g. the project outgrow the initally 
proposed size, further skilled experts 
may duely join in. This extended 
task force (MIND POOL) then allows 
servicing the client close to 360º.

For further information, please contact

Peter Krause/Owner & Creative Director
at info{at} 



– brand/logo design
– brand development
– brand strategy
– corporate communication
– corporate design
– corporate presentation
– exhibition/trade fair
– fair trade communication
– film/photo/production
– grafic design
– marketing communication
– package design
– project development
– web design




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Next to the beneficial use of addressing just one person in charge only, thus having the advantage of fast and easy decision making, a further point of value is gained by the client tailored task force supplied by the MIND POOL, a group of selected experts. Some of the most profound members of their field have gathered here in order to spontaneously build a team meeting clients demands best. Working efficiently, interdisciplinary and accomplishing swift problem solving. Hereby perpetually striving to exceed not only own standards, but those of our clients too.– Not for the sake as such, but serving the objective of communication improvement instead. BRANDorphin by no means offers organisational and executional work only on an integrative and holistic basis, but far more will serve as an operational partner, acting as a think tank or workshop at any suited venue.

Some interesting informatiom about founder Peter Krause below:

 – Peter Krause, art director/grafic designer/concept maker: on- and offline. Allrounder when advertising is concerned. Specialist at packaging and trade fair. Brand experience (DMB&B, Contur, BS&P, McCann-Erickson, O&M). Holistcal thinking. Sometimes pragmatically tickling boarders, on other occasions crossing them boldly. Always engaged with a maximum of passion. Tri-lingual (German, English, Afrikaans): peter.krause{at}

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